Why Baywatch Lovers Will Run in Slo-Mo Over Custom Sun Block Lotion Products

Come on. Everyone loves “Baywatch.” Don’t deny it. Arguably it’s one of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s more ambitious and — yes, riskier — film vehicles as of yet, but you can’t deny the camp and awesomeness of the babes in red and the man with the flotation device and flowy hair (except Dwayne Johnson does not have the Hasselhoff hair. Obviously.). Which is why if you’re a lifeguard, and you want to promote yourself with the ladies at the beach, nothing says loving like custom sun block lotion branded either in your name, or your beach’s name!

Remember, All Kidding Aside: This Is About Getting People to Visit the Beach

So you need to offer a product that markets the location. Having convenient products like custom sun block lotion items makes for a great way to offer what swimmers and sun-bathers need to start looking oiled, tanned and hot. Forget the trying to hit on the ladies factor, and definitely a lot of those bikini wearers would need some help spreading the lube on the skin to prevent cancer.

But the fact is this is about your salary or hourly pay. You are a lifeguard. And while it’s fun just sitting around on one of those towers with sun block on your nose to prevent peeling and never seeing an explosion, shark, thief, or some other odd happening you’d normally find on a “Baywatch” episode, you at least want to provide a benefit not only to your beach, but to your babes, swimmers, surfers, and families with coolers and tents. You might even see a pay increase for the kind of value you’ve brought to the table.

Buy Custom Sun Block Lotion in Bulk, Sell at a Higher Price

Most beaches have ways to make some additional revenue, accounting for expenses in maintenance and salaries for everything from coast guards to lifeguards. So do the math. BRAVA Marketing has the product. Now all you need to do is find a style in the design you want right here. Then contact us!

And don’t forget to start running for the latest emergency. In slow motion.

Why Branded Sun Block Lotion Will Benefit Outdoor Water Park Establishments

We’re willing to bet a lot of places miss out on this one. The normal route of merchandising at the gift store of your water park hotel with an outdoor feature and swimming pool might only be concerned with more practical every-day items like shirts, hats, and toys. We’re willing to bet on that: go to any one of those gift stores at a Great Wolf Lodge, or any of the hotels in Las Vegas. Nine times out of ten, you’ll see those types of merchandise. But branded sun block lotion? That’s an untapped product right there!

The Thing Is You Don’t See Branded Sun Block Lotion, Usually — You See Other Brands of Sun Block Lotion

And you can’t blame water parks or hotels for doing that. Those other brands like Coppertone and Hawaiian Tropic definitely have earned their reputation. Can you imagine, though, just how much reputation you’d build for the products people really care for in your water park or hotel featuring an outdoor pool or water park — when you merchandise and sell your own brand of sun block lotion?

The idea’s pretty staggering. Chances are good some establishments already do it. You buy in bulk branded sun block lotion in your company name, you sell it on mark-up and make a ton of profit, because that’s a product people will use immediately.

After all…. Why are they there in your water park? To swim. And keep their skin protected. You’ve instantly improved your merchandising marketing strategy with a way to promote completely in line with your industry. It’s pretty clear.

That’s Why You Have to Contact Us at BRAVA Marketing

You can look at our site right now. Check out our designs. When you find a type of branded sun block lotion you want to imprint your business name on, the rest is simple. Contact us. Make a purchase. And brand exactly what your customers want to see while they’re enjoying the fun in the sun!

Why Lowe’s or Home Depot Would LOVE a Promotional Multi-Tool Gift to Give

The thing about stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot is that the customers have all the power. You’re combining retail with home improvement in startlingly awesome ways. Forgoing the contractor, just hiring someone to do all the work, and instead opting to maybe get a tip or two, the materials you need, and then doing the work on your own. This is exactly why stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot would make a killing with their customers if they would offer free gifts like a promotional multi-tool, or utility knife!

Think of the Possibilities: A Branded, Custom Promotional Multi-Tool Gift

Driving up visibility, interest and sales — nothing beats free gifts, and it’ll bring more customers into the store. Plus this fits the demographic perfectly. A multi-tool is the ultimate tool for the every man. You can be a lawyer, or an accountant, or someone who works on cars for a living, it doesn’t matter — with a promotional multi-tool in hand, that customer will always have a lasting impression of the business at his fingertips (literally).

Shopping at Lowe’s or Home Depot is all about tools. Doing it yourself with a little bit of help from the experts. It takes the best qualities of the all-purpose contractor/builder and the great advantages of a central retail hub. The multi-tool does exactly the same thing. You get all your tools, it’s easy to use, you don’t have to be an ‘expert’ to use it.

BRAVA Marketing Has Plenty of Designs to Work With, Too

So check it all out while you can. Contact us when you’ve found a design that fits your style. BRAVA Marketing has the ability to up your promotional advertising, especially if you’re local. You want to communicate well to your customers? A custom promotional multi-tool gift or upsell will change your game in big ways!

The Branded Multi-Tool: a Carpenter’s or Contractor’s Best Friend

Being a carpenter or contractor can be tough for obvious reasons. One, you’re basically in business for yourself. And there’s a lot of competition out there.  You’re at the whim of the demand of someone who needs repairs on any given day, but you need that immediate connection. Someone calls, you answer. Someone emails, you answer. And that demand will be preeeeeetty random — like a branded multi-tool, now that we mention it!

Promoting Yourself Is a Must as a Carpenter or Contractor, and You Can Put Yourself Ahead of the Competition With This One Advantage:

branded multi-tool. Think about it.

As a contractor, you obviously have your tools, but for the most part, they’re generic (and really they should be). But the defining product marketing and branding your business aside from the vehicle you pull up in, your hat, and maybe your shirt and pants, is a little pocket knife. The ultimate tool for anything, but here’s the best part:

This largely may be the only tool a customer will actually see at any point in time.

Other tools, obviously, are harder for a customer to see. Like you using a hammer, or a drill. But a multi-tool, utility knife? One flash, perhaps even consulting a customer even, and the imprint of your brand is instant.

The multi-tool is the tool you’ll use everywhere. Not just on the job. Even customers identify with those little contraptions! Ask multiple homeowners if they may even know what a “snake” is. Many might not. But a utility knife? That’s an American institution.

All It Takes Is ONE Purchase of ONE Branded Multi-Tool With Your Company Name on It

And you’re successfully in business. You can even go the extra mile and supercharge your promotional advertising by buying them in bulk and offering them as gifts to clients after projects have been completed.

Remember…. Competition: it’s cutthroat. So visit BRAVA Marketing right now. Peruse the many design possibilities. And contact us today. Your next renovation project is waiting.