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Going Above and Beyond for Candy Stores With Custom Branded Jelly Bean Dispensers

Don’t try and deny it: as a kid, it wasn’t just about the candy. It was about the way it looked. Or the way you got it in your hands! Think back to the day of when candy stores were the actual product itself, and the candy was just what you got out of it. It was almost like presentation was just as important as the product. Hence why pez dispensers were so popular, and why custom branded jelly bean dispensers would make an ENORMOUS killing in a candy store in ways you never thought possible.

Ask Yourself If You’d EVER Find a Product of Custom Branded Jelly Bean Dispensers That Can Do Something as Fun as This:

Imagine the smiles on kids’ faces. They walk into the candy store and look at all the colors. Then they see the most awesome ways they can get that candy, because really the process of getting that candy is just as important as eating it.

The bonus of custom branded jelly bean dispensers is that you can even sell them as well. You tie the feel and the image with the fact that a customer needs to come back and get more jelly bean product just to fill that dispenser up. Then the feeling never goes away.

Obviously you can thank the likes of Harry Potter’s Honeydukes and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, without a doubt. So in a way the nostalgic candy stores of our past are coming back. Truthfully, they should’ve never gone away to the commercialization that is walking down the grocery aisle and just grabbing a bag of Skittles. No, no, no. Kids can’t have that! They need…to have the experience.

That’s Why BRAVA Marketing EVEN Has What You’re Looking at RIGHT NOW

BRAVA Marketing certainly hit the mark with a product that’s so unique. But we have more interesting products in custom branded jelly beans and other associated items. All you need to do is contact us right away and see what we can brand for you and your sweets. Just watch out for the toothaches.

Why the Craze of Organic Grocery Deliveries Will Rock It With Custom Magnetic Holders

Millennials have evolved the way we eat; let’s just put it that way. Long gone are the days when you simply head to the grocery store, wait in line, pay for your stuff, pack it all up, and then head home (to then repeat the process into the fridge and freezer). These days an astronomical trend in grocery deliveries has exploded on the market as a way to efficiently get your groceries delivered directly to you, which is why a lot of custom magnetic holders may make a massive difference in marketing for those companies.

But Why? Why Would Custom Magnetic Holders Be Such a Game Changer?

Think about it! When getting your groceries, what’s the one thing you think of the most? Your refrigerator. That’s where all your food goes. When marketing, you want to target the eyes at its most optimum, and groceries — especially grocery deliveries — hits the note right.

A business could send a delivery with a free customized magnetic holder, with a phone number, email address, etc. etc., and that’s the one thing every family member ends up seeing literally on a daily basis. Free marketing. No commercial advertisement or paid Facebook marketing required. All. You. Had. To Do…. Was send a darn logo printed magnetic holder. That’s it.

Of Course, We Have a TON of Those Custom Magnetic Holders at BRAVA Marketing

So what are you waiting for? BRAVA Marketing has them right here. Find the design you want and then contact us right away for your first shipment customized and branded with the logo or name you want. The rest will be up to you on how you want to target your demographic in a way that’s so simple — your fridge! Who would’ve thought, right?

Now it’s time to eat some grilled chicken with green bean casserole and German chocolate cake for dessert. Yum.

3 Top Ways Logo Branded Noise Makers Can Make a Killing in Business

Even the silliest thing like a freakin’ noise maker can be the figurehead for tons of revenue. You just need to know the angle — how to use them as products, and propel them right into the customer’s hands for them to make all the noise they ever could want! Oh, yes — and the right niche. The right business. And there are quite a few that use those logo branded noise makers often.

But There Are Only Three Industries Benefiting the Best Out of Logo Branded Noise Makers, and We Have Them Listed Right Here

You might find one rather creative in its use — and a couple that are so down-to-home and centered around the festivities. Think birthday parties and ball games as a hint. All in all, one thing’s for sure: this short list might actually spawn in you a couple more ideas for you to leverage the logo branded noise makers as a factor in your e-commerce business, your company, or even your time as a family.

So check it out right here. And get started with BRAVA Marketing while you’re at it, won’t you?

  • New Year’s Parties — A real no-brainer when you think about it, but here are the details for you.
  • Online Party Stores — So genius that you need a manual right here to figure this one out and then take advantage through us.
  • Bars and Night Clubs — Again…. A no-brainer, but one you have to catch up on the details. You can then make sure you’ve got the right methodology behind the madness of logo branded noise makers.

Good stuff, right? Go ahead and click on the links! You’ll learn more about how these products you’ll find here will boost your business, your employees, or just even have a good time — all with logo branded noise makers.

So What Are You Waiting For? Contact BRAVA Marketing Right Now.

Simply click the link, or look above at the menu there and hit the CONTACT tab. It’s easy. We can get you squared away right now with your shipment of logo branded noise makers for your party, bar, club, or store. Simple!

3 Top Reasons to Invest in Foam Novelties as a Business

We’re all about making magic at BRAVA Marketing, for sure, so it’s no surprise that we make such a candid and blunt prediction that foam novelties are THE THING in business! Joke? No. Okay, maybe a little bit. After all, how in the HECK would a foam novelty (you know, those foam hands you wear at basketball games to cheer your favorite team?) make any kind of money for a business?

Well, It Turns Out That Foam Novelties If Used the RIGHT Way in the RIGHT Industry Definitely Make a Difference

At least in the long run. And when you want consistent, constant revenue. The long run is what matters. You don’t want a fad. You don’t want to focus on a gimmicky trend that’ll last a few months. Instead your focus should be on the long-term investment, which is why these particular businesses/organizations/events make all the difference when including something as minor as…a foam novelty (don’t laugh!).

And you can imagine that after looking at the possibilities, you might find that BRAVA Marketing’s selection of foam novelties right here might unlock a lot more potential in other industries! Who knows….

The Sky’s the Limit on What You Can Do With Foam Novelties

After all, it means there’s a party! And who doesn’t love a party? Not BRAVA Marketing. So contact us right now and get started.