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Going Above and Beyond the Promotional Golf Club

Seriously, what’s the one thing that matters the most when it comes to golf? It’s not the knickers. It’s not the balls. It’s not whether or not you have a caddy. Who cares about the kind of tees you have, or a towel, or even the polo shirt you’re wearing. Really, none of that matters if you don’t have the one essential in your repertoire: the golf club. Heck, you can’t actually play golf without one! And even better than just any golf club is a promotional golf club!

The Promotional Golf Club Sells You and the Game!

But why not go the extra mile? You might’ve been lucky and got that promotional golf club highlighting a big accomplishment in one of the big opens or something, and that’s fine. Shows you’re a professional. Shows you’re at the top of your game.

BRAVA Marketing has the idea right here — go the extra mile and brand everything you use out there in the greens —

  • Tees
  • Towels
  • Bags
  • Balls

I mean everything. Not just the clubs. Not just the big dog or the trusty putter. Everything you’ve got in your game gets your name on it.

You have to understand that while golf’s just a game like any other, it’s also a professional one. And the best part about golf is YOU are your own team. You’re the MVP. Why not brand yourself the way professional teams do? Makes sense.

We at BRAVA Marketing Have the Selections for You to Choose From

Custom golf kits will have everything you need, and the best part about what we offer is that you can customize them with promotional print designs. Your logo. It can be on everything you have. You are, after all, a professional.

Just check out what we have to offer right here. And then contact us. Don’t hesitate: the weather’s getting warmer, and the grass is definitely getting greener.

The Big Benefit of a Custom Printed Ditty Bag at a Golf Tournament

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that golf tournaments make big money, especially when the greats hit the green and do the putt like it’s magic. One thing’s for sure, though — if you’re a tournament sponsor, you’re going to want to attract those golfers with something other than some prize money. A custom printed ditty bag? Yep. That might do the trick.

For One Thing, That Custom Printed Ditty Bag Makes Everything All Convenient for the Golfercustom printed ditty bags-1

Offer that item to all of your participants, and you’re practically guaranteed a golfer who’ll come back for invitational every year just over the fact that you gave the knicker-wearing professional some “free stuff.” FREE STUFF is the magic 2-word combo that means We Want You to Come Back Every Year. Guess what: it works.

Think about, perhaps, competition with other tournaments and the season. Golfers will go not just for the potential winnings, but the swag. The publicity. The fame. You think Tiger Woods would expect anything less? No.

More importantly, that custom printed ditty bag just makes things a lot easier for the golfer to keep everything he or she needs on the green, or the sand trap, or the woods (let’s hope not, right?) without much hassle. After all, they just want to play — not lug around all the clubs, plus walk miles and miles to each hole while carrying several bags of water bottles.

We Don’t Care About the Prize Money — a Golfer Will NOT Compete Without a Little ‘Help’

That is a guaranteed winner of a gift for participants, as a tournament sponsor, to ensure successful inclusion. So don’t hesitate. We’re already closing in on Spring, so you want to make this count. Check out the selections we have at BRAVA Marketing. Contact us right now. Let us help you sink an Eagle for your next golf tournament!